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Chiswick based tech start-up Chimni is teaming up with six local Estate Agents in West London to trial a new online home management system. The Chimni 'Home Logs' help homeowners keep track of the documents, data, project records and utility accounts that they amass through owning and running a home.

Chimni points out that the process of managing a home has become increasingly complicated as it moves online and this often comes to a head the moment people try and sell. This is a challenge confronting all agents.  "Every year 200k house sales fall through in the UK because the seller can't find the required paperwork" says XXX of participating agent [Insert agent name here].  The Chimni logs tackle this by giving the homeowner templated checklists that helps them find and store key information through every major activity they undertake in their homes.  The boss of one national agency has described Chimni as “the first proper attempt to shift homeowners into the digital age”.

The local agents have been recruited to understand how the Chimni Logs can improve the sales process for homeowners.  The agents are investigating how to smooth the process of signing up new homes by helping customers become 'sales ready'.  XXX of participating agent [Insert agent name here] "The agency world is full of digital innovation but most of it is on the agency and supplier side.  This is the first time a system has been produced to help the homeowner get 'sale ready'. 

The agents are recruiting customers who are interested in using a new digital tool to support their sales preparations.  Each participant will be given a Chimni Log for their home get help from Chimni to assemble documentation and records.  The agents will share the insight generated by Chimni’s research into how the Chimni Logs are used.  "Its a great chance to take part in some innovative product research aimed at helping the homeowner navigate the digital chaos that has been created around them" said XXX of [Insert agent name here].

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For Chimni, as well as understanding how consumers want to use the systems, there is the question of how a homeowner’s online logbook can and should integrate with the growing agency CRM software ecosystem, through the sales process.

The Estate Agent trial is part of a wider 'Digital Suburb' initiaitve being run by Chimni in West London close to Chimni HQ in Chiswick.  “We like to joke we are the anti-Shoreditch, the middle-aged guys in the west London suburbs trying to solve problems we have encountered as homeowners,” says Nigel Walley, Chimni Founder and Managing Director.  In the first stage of the Digital Suburb initiative, Chimni worked with local Residents and Civic Groups helping them get online in return for support in building their trial cohort. A later project stage will include a trial with the three Local Authorities to explore how to use the Chimni logs to automate and simplify the Planning and Building Control application process.

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