Because you house is worth caring about.



A tool that brings the homeowner into digital sales process.



WIN MORE INSTRUCTIONS – Offering Chimni logs to Vendors is a point of differentiation in the competitive world of winning instructions, particularly in competition with the hybrid and online only agencies.

REDUCE SALE FAILURE - Setting up a Chimni log for each new instruction allows you to help them create a full Property History and understand what information they need to produce.

SPEED UP SALES – With a full Chimni log, a fully prepared client is 'sale-ready' with documents accounted for and able to be shared with the Buyers team.

MANAGE SALES MORE EFFICIENTLY – A Chimni Log give you and the Vendor a tool to communicate, share documents and jointly produce the ultimate sales pack



MASSIVE VALUE ADD – Your agency gets to give Homebuyers a pre-prepared home management tool with all the house purchase documentation filed and organised. They are ready to start managing their new home!

FIRST LOOK AT FUTURE SALES - Setting up a Chimni Log means your agency leaves a branded, digital calling card in a homeowners property file.

Most importantly, Chimni is free to use for Estate Agents and, over time, will integrate with third-party agency software and property platforms.  Email today for a trial: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read about our West London Agency Trial here.

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