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Chenies Manor House is a Grade I listed early 16th century Tudor brick manor house in Buckinghamshire which includes a fortified tower, stepped gables, ornate Tudor gardens and a medieval undercroft. It boasts a fascinating archeological record and an extensive media pedigree.


There has been a manor building on the site of Chenies since the 11th century, and it was rebuilt and remodelled on various occasions leading up to the present house. Architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner described the manor house as: "Beautifully mellow under the trees by the church, and archaeologically a fascinating puzzle<ref>Pevsner - Buckinghamshire</ref>". Additions were made to the house in 1526 by John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford and in 1560 it was restyled by Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford, who had made it his principal home. The immediate feature that strikes you about Chenies, as you approach past the Tudor sunken garden, are the twenty-three individual-cut brick chimneys sitting above the Tudor gables of the house.

Poirot & Other Media Coverage[edit]

The manor has been used many times for scenes in dramatizations of classic period novels by Jane Austen and Dickens including Little Dorritt from 2008. More recently Chenies featured in Series 14, Episode 10 of Channel 4's 'Time Team' where the crew looked for evidence of a previous manor on the site. It has been used in at least four episodes of ITV's Midsomer Murders series. It also featured in ITV's long running adaptation of Agatha Christie's Poirot. In Series 1, Episode 8 'The Incredible Theft' it is used to represent the country home of British industrialist Tommy Mayfield. He calls for Poirot when his plans for a new fighter plane are stolen by a Nazi sympathizer.

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