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There are many museums around the UK based in houses. Many of these wonderful museums celebrate a particular person or a social issue and we have listed a small number of examples below. There are also museums and visitor attractions made up of complete towns or suburbs, very often the work of a singular visionary individual. Again, there is a selection of these listed below. However, the main focus on this page is on house museums whose emphasis is the design and presentation of a particular style and ones that celebrate a particular period in architectural history. Often called ‘memory museums’, these are historic house museums that contain a collection of the traces of memory of the people who once lived there.

House Museums[edit]

Historic Towns & Villages[edit]

Historic Houses Commemorating People[edit]

At Chimni we are mainly focussed on house history, architecture and building styles, so our focus in this section is on house museums that celebrate and explain different periods of house building. However, dotted around the country are a series of wonderful house museums celebrating famous people and their work. We have listed some of our favourites below:

Sir John Soane Museum - http://www.soane.org/

Cowper Newton Museum https://cowperandnewtonmuseum.org.uk/

Dickens Museum - https://dickensmuseum.com/

Dylan Thomas' Boat House http://www.dylanthomasboathouse.com/

Dr Jenner's House - http://www.jennermuseum.com/

Jane Austen's House - http://www.jane-austens-house-museum.org.uk/about/about.htm

The Brontë's Parsonage, Haworth, West Yorks. https://www.bronte.org.uk/about-us

Robert Burns House -http://www.burnsmuseum.org.uk/

Virginia Woolf's 'Monks House' - http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/monks-house/

Winston Churchill's 'Chartwell' http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/chartwell/

Benjamin Franklin House. http://www.benjaminfranklinhouse.org/site/sections/default.htm

JM Turner's House - Sandycome. http://turnershouse.org/

Oscar Wilde's House - 21 Westland Row, Dublin http://www.tcd.ie/OWC/history/westland.php

Dr Johnson's House - http://www.drjohnsonshouse.org/

John Milton's Cottage. http://www.miltonscottage.org

Darwin's home at Down House http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/home-of-charles-darwin-down-house/prices-and-opening-times

Richard Jeffries Museum in Swindon http://www.richardjefferies.org/

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