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This page offers a selection of books that the Chimni team have found useful when working on histories of houses and homes. They break down into three groups: inspirational books; instructional books and a more serious group of instructional papers and reference guides. We always want more so please feel free to recommend.

Home: The Story of Everyone Who Ever Lived in Our House’ 2005 by Julie Myerson

At Home Bill Bryson

House Histories: The Secrets behind your front door’ 2011 by Mel Backe-Hansen

‘How to Research Your House: Every Home Tells a Story’ 2007 by Pamela Brooks ‘House History For Beginners’ 2006 by C Style & O-lan Style ‘Tracing Your House History: A Guide for Family Historians’ 2013 by Gill Blanchard Barratt, N., Tracing the History of Your House, The National Archives, 2006. Harvey, J. H., Sources for the History of Houses, British Records Association, 1968. Thom, C., Researching London's Houses: an Archives Guide, Historical Publications Limited, 2005

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