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This page is intended to help people designing or running house history projects to structure the information they and their members collect into searchable data structures. You may find this is helpful to provide guidance where you are running volunteer project where lots of different people are collecting data from multiple sources.

Contextual Events[edit]

There are a group of historical 'events' which set the context for a house history and may be shared among groups of researchers who all live in the same area. At Chimni we include the following in this category:

Notable Street Events – eg change of street name or layout

Boundary or District Changes - many towns experience changes to councils or local government, or even changes to town and district names.

National events – Major national events (eg outbreak of war) give context and provide a backdrop to more local events, so the key dates are helpful to include in any narrative story about a property.

Property Events[edit]

Ownership - one of the most significant (and easiest to research) categories of information is ownership of the property concerned

Tenure & Legal basis - many homes and plots of land will have been subdivided (or even joined) over their history and it is a useful record to map how and when these changes occurred.

Notable ‘Home’ event – This may include major works/alterations; calamities (fire, flood etc) or any activity that significantly changes the fabric of the building.

Notable 'People' Events[edit]

The richest vein of interesting stories will come from examining the lives of people who lived in your property over the years. If you are working on a group or networked project, then agreeing how to classify the people so that they can be catalogued and searched across an area is really useful. The Chimni House History system recognises the following categories:

Stage & Screen (person) - a star of stage, TV or film lived here.

Movie & TV (location) - something was filmed here or the house was a location

Literary - eg a writer lived here, or was here when they published something

Musical – a famous musician lived here or a piece was written or first performed

Medical – a famous medical person lived here or a medical event took place/was recorded here.

Political/Legal - a famous politician lived here, or a political event happened here, a law was written here.

Architectural – a famous builder / architect lived here or the house is notable for architectural reasons

War/Conflict - a member of the household was killed, or honoured due to wartime service, or an event occurred (eg a bomb fell) on or near the property.

Industry - a company was started, or some notable product or service was invented at the property

Scandal - a murder or social/sexual intrigue happened or someone involved in one lived here.

Sport - a famous athlete or sporting person lived here

Artistic - a famous artist or person linked with the artistic world lived here

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