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Joldwynds is a Grade II 'Moderne' House in Holmbury St Mary, Surrey, England. It was designed by architect Oliver Hill for Wilfred Greene, 1st Baron Greene. It has been a TV location in a number of episodes of the TV series Poirot and was Hill's first 'Moderne' commission before that of the Midland Hotel, Morecambe, Lancashire, which has also featured in Poirot.


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Jolwynds was Hill's first plunge into modernism, all white, geometric shapes and open decks. However, as a structure it was viewed by the client as a bit of a disaster. The render failed and water dripped through the roof, leading the client to seek help from altnerative architects, but Hill was not put off the new style<ref></ref>.

Poirot & Other Media Coverage[edit]


Joldwynds was used as a location in two episodes of ITV's adaptation of Agatha Christie's Poirot, including Series 2, Episode 5 'The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim' from 1990. Mr Davenheim had vanished during a short walk from his country home, Joldwynds, to the village. Poirot investigates the disappearance without leaving his London flat. Joldwynds also appeared in Series 3, Episode 9 'The Theft of the Royal Ruby' as the country home of the Lacey family, hosting a Christmas house party at which a ruby is stolen from an Egyptian prince.

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