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Moving Or Floating Homes

Category 9.0 in the Chimni Home Typology Our 'Moving Or Floating Homes' category (Chimni Home Typology9.0) convers every kind of travelling home type whether on wheels such as static and mobile caravans or floating on water such as houseboats, narrowboats and barges. Its not to be confused with our Homes That Move category which is a building style for homes with adjustable or moving parts. There are people in the UK living in a variety of boats, moored in a wide variety of locations.

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The earliest populations of boat people in England probably date back to the early Industrial Revolution, when the canals were initially built to transport raw materials and manufactured goods to factories and ports. The Oxford Canal, amongst the oldest, was inaugurated in 1769, and then opened in stages from 1774 to 1790, carrying coal and limestone about the countryside on a path that followed the contours of the land. But the heyday of the canals was short-lived, as by the mid-19th century railways sprung up parallel to the canals, then began buying the waterways to control and snuff out their transit competition.

Alan Wildman, chairman of the Residential Boat Owners' Association (RBOA) said: "Living afloat is arguably the most sustainable, lowest impact way to live, whilst still being able to enjoy 100% of the modern amenities that are available to those who live in conventional housing.",<ref>BBC News Website article on mooring fees 27 August 2011 </ref>


Canal Boats[edit]

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House Boats[edit]

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Yachts & Sailing Boats[edit]

Other Boat Types[edit]

Floating House Concepts[edit]

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