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Category 3.0 in the Chimni Home Typology From the opening titles of Coronation Street to the Welsh Streets of Liverpool where Ringo Starr was born, the terraced Street is one of the most iconic images of British Housing. For Chimni a 'terraced house' is any home in a group of three or more houses, built in a row, with shared adjoining walls. Known also as ‘townhouses’ or ‘row houses’ this includes a wide range of homes from warmly familiar ‘Coronation Street’ style homes to the grand Georgian terraces gracing many UK cities.

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Background On Terraced Houses[edit]

In England, the first streets of houses with uniform fronts were built by Nicholas Barbon, the Huguenot entrepreneur during the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1665. The Georgian idea of treating a row of houses as if it were a palace front, giving the central houses columned fronts under a shared pediment, appeared first in London's Grosvenor Square and in Bath's Queen Square. Speculative builders like Thomas Cubitt picked up on the theme and the classic Georgian terraced houses soon became common-place.

In 2005 the English Heritage report "Low Demand Housing and the Historic Environment" found that repairing a standard Victorian terraced house over thirty years is around sixty-percent cheaper than building and maintaining a newly-built house.

Georgian Terraced Houses[edit]

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Victorian Terraced Housing[edit]

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Moderrn Terraced Housing[edit]

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