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(Dungeness In Art & Media)
(Dungeness In Art & Media)
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==Dungeness In Art & Media==
==Dungeness Homes In Art & Media==
<gallery mode=packed>
<gallery mode=packed>
File:DerekJarmansGarden-MichaelKidd.jpeg|‘Derek Jarman’s Garden', Michael Kidd
File:DerekJarmansGarden-MichaelKidd.jpeg|‘Derek Jarman’s Garden', Michael Kidd

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Here at Chimni we knew that Dungeness was beautiful. The entire beach is classified as a National Nature Reserve and is and is filled with unusual flora and is a haven for a plethora of birdlife. We just don't know why Dungeness has become a focal point for great architectural innovation, but it seems to have. Perhaps because, for many years the landscape has attracted creative people like the film maker Derek Jarman. It is remote and barren - the only place in Britain to be designated a desert - and is home to only about forty houses. These include a collection of former fishermen's huts, cabins that started life as old railway carriages as well as a handful of modern architectural houses. Other buildings on the headland include two lighthouses, two pubs and a nuclear power station. You can access by car or bike or via the local steam railway.

Beach Houses

Dungeness Homes In Art & Media

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