photofourChimni Founder Nigel Walley made the most of his trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, turning into an ace reporter to provide a property tech summary for the February edition of Showhouse Magazine.  As he explains in the article, a trip to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas has become part of the yearly calendar for anyone working in new technology. But, while it is traditionally full of interesting home tech, it has yet to achieve that must-see status for homebuilders.  This year may change that, as CES 2019 was full of new ‘smart home’ and ‘internet of things’ technologies that appear poised to make the leap into the mainstream and therefore into our homes.

The Showhouse article set the scene for the magazine's wider look at property technology or 'proptech' as we are learning to call it. The full text of the article can be found on our blog here with copies to download attached to this articles

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