Before Selling Your Home!

Chimni has launched a new campaign to encourage people thinking of selling their home during COVID to prepare early to avoid problems and to dramatically speed up the time between listing a property and exchange.  In particular, showing how, even during a time of COVID, lockdown can be turned to a sellers advantage. 

 Chimni's TV Campaign Now Running on Sky TV

Chimni's Nigel Walley said "Well we know that 30% of sales in England and Wales fall apart, at a massive cost to home movers.  Poor or missing information is at the heart of this problem.  Even when sales proceed, badly prepared sellers can face 15 - 20 weeks of conveyancing before exchange and, with COVID, this number is going up.  

Spending just an hour or two now, finding documents, completing a property log book like Chimni, instructing your property lawyer and getting the sales pack ready, before you have a buyer, can reduce timescales by as much as 12 weeks and reduce the risk of a buyer pulling out by as much as 50%.*

Sellers can do so much to prepare - open a Chimni log and get your Ducks In A Row!

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