Cardiff University School of Journalism has written up the 'House History' project launched by one of the residents groups trialling the Chimni Community Web Template  - Bedford Park Residents Association (BPRA) in West London.  The project is helping local community members to research their own ‘house histories’ and providing chimni logs to capture the information. The the CUSJ 'Centre for Community Journalism' became interested because the project uses a content collaboration between the Residents Association and local video-news site The Chiswick Calendar - which sets out to be a cultural magazine for the Chiswick area - to promote the project and related local history events. Interesting stories and people, like the one below with Francis Oliver, are being collated into a series of companion videos by The Chiswick Calendar.


  Example History Video from The Chiswick Calendar

The project is the first market roll-out for one of the 'fun' functions of the Chimni concept - the Home History logs.  These are templated feature areas in a Chimni log which can help a user capture and present their home histories - see illustrations below. The users are being instructed in the best practice for researching the social history of their houses and the resulting house histories will then be uploaded to the householders trial Chimni-log.  The public pages from these logs will be collated into a wider online resourcewith a dedicated site, open to the local community.








Images From The Chimni House History Logs

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