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Why Have a Chimni Logbook

Chimni is like your car’s logbook - a valuable record of your home and everything to do with it

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Everything we do - from bill paying to buying & selling - is moving online.  We used to file paper records but now we’re asked to use separate and different apps for everything. The result is a chaotic mess of apps, passwords and competing services. Chimni simplifies this into a single, easy to use online dashboard and toolkit.

A Chimni Logbook brings together all your property info in one secure place, integrated with Government and supplier web sites and accounts:

  • deeds and ownership records
  • Local authority services
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Guarantees and warranties
  • Insurance records

A Chimni logbook simplifies managing your home's digital life. Try Chimni for free

Set Up A Chimni Log

What Chimni Does

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Serious Stuff

Secure storage for legal / purchase / planning & building control docs

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Organised Stuff

Templated project plans for all decoration / DIY / extension projects built around an interactive set of floorplans.

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Day To Day Stuff

An online dashboard giving immediate access to all account info for utilities, insurance companies.

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Helpful Stuff

Online tools such as inventory managers that let you link automatically to your insurers for better cost management.

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Emergency Stuff

Quick access to all household info, instructions, locations and phone numbers needed in emergencies.

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Social Stuff

Links to all the Residents Groups and local, social organisations you are a member of where you live.

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Fun Stuff

A set of fun activities - from house histories to room personalisation - designed to drive regular visits and interaction with Chimni.