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The Chimni Home Typology breaks down the UK's 26 million homes into useful groups that help us explore the amazing variation in building type, style, and architectural period as we learn more about our own homes.

The Chimni Home Typology

1.0 Detached Houses[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 1.0 - A wide category of houses covering any home that doesn’t touch or share outside walls with another house or building. The category can includes every home type from the simplest cottage to the grandest Victorian villa.

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2.0 Semi-Detached Houses[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 2.0 - A semi-detached house, is a single family house built as one of a matching pair, joined in the middle and sharing a common central wall. Known in the UK as a ‘semi’ and as a ‘duplex’ in other parts of the world, these homes come in a wide variety of styles.

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3.0 Terraced Houses[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 3.0 - From the opening titles of 'Coronation Street', to the 'Welsh Streets' of Liverpool where Ringo Starr was born, the terraced street is one of the most iconic images of British Housing. For Chimni a 'terraced house' is any home in a group of three or more houses, built in a row, with shared adjoining walls. Known also as ‘townhouses’ or ‘row houses’ this includes a wide range of homes from warmly familiar ‘Coronation Street’ style homes to the grand Georgian terraces gracing many UK cities.

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4.0 Flats In A House[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 4.0 - For Chimni, a 'flat in a house, could be any home made up of a one or more floors of a larger 'house' style building. This could include purpose-built ‘maisonettes’ with their own street door, purpose-built flats sharing a front door in a house-style property, or flats in properties built originally as single family houses but later sub-divided into smaller units.

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5.0 Flats In A Low Rise Block[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 5.0 - A flat in a ‘low rise’ block is a self-contained home in a building of up to 9 stories. These building types can include new or old buildings, modest purpose-built apartment blocks, converted office buildings or classic styles such as Victorian or Edwardian as ‘mansion blocks’.

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6.0 Flats In A High Rise Block[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 6.0 - A flat in a high rise block is any self-contained home in a multi-occupancy building of 10 stories or more. These buildings could include homes in purpose built ‘tower’ blocks, larger high rise estates or converted office buildings.

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7.0 Flats Above A Shop[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 7.0 - Includes various home types from the simple ‘flat above the shop’ in a normal high street, to multiple homes in blocks above shopping developments. In each type the street level buildings are retail outlets with the entrance to the homes via side doors, back stairs or rear deck-access.

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8.0 Homes In Other Buildings[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 8.0 - For every unusual and interesting building type there will someone who will have tried to make it into a home. This category covers a wide range or previously industrial, agricultural, military and public buildings converted into homes. Some of these are striking homes, some are quixotic fantasies. A striking number have appeared in TV and the movies.

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9.0 Moving Or Floating Homes[edit]

Chimni Typology Category 9.0 - Covering every kind of travelling home type whether on wheels such as static and mobile caravans or floating on water such as houseboats, narrowboats and barges.

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